Monday, October 11, 2010

Alternate's girlfriend... Amber Cannon aka YummiAmbi

Since May 13th 2010, I've been dating a lovely lady named Amber Cannon. Which is kind of fitting because Dogysamich likes to jokingly make fun of her last name when I play Cammy and start spamming Cannon Strikes. Amber is really pursuing central sterilization,  other medical careers in the medical field, and possibly her interest in modeling and fashion. Amber Cannon *does* play games, but she's not exactly a gaming medalist~ *YET* xD

However, and this may sound selfish (and it is, kind of), but I do have reoccurring plans in my head to  change that, making her much more competitive in very particular fighting games. Mortal Kombat 9 and Marvel vs Capcom 3 to be much more specific. I'm very open with sharing my realities to Amber, my attendances to conventions, tournaments, etc etc. So far, she's been enjoying our adventures and is learning more about my worlds each time <3 =]

Not before long, I hope to set her up with her own XBL account and give Amber her very own custom Arcade Stick. I'm constantly thinking about teaching her how to play KOFXIII and Arcana Heart 3 when those come out, but those are just ideas. With this in mind, I do not only plan on taking her with me tournaments, but also to have her enter in tournaments with me~ That is a wish of mine I would like to pursue. And for those of you familiar with Empire Arcadia, I know this may sound like the Valkyrie Project, with them teaching girls to become competitive and competent in fighting games.

Until then though, I'm happy with settling with our relationship and the games we can play for fun~ <3

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