Thursday, November 11, 2010

Tournament Hosting - Gamestop Employed

Now this is a funny, yet interesting turn of events. After 1 year working at IHOP and hating myself for it, I finally managed to quit. Being a Computer Support Specialist, I never felt comfortable working at a restaurant. At the very least, the restaurant I worked at was something I could relate to... Pancakes! I can serve up some really mean pancakes, prior to obtaining the job. Hours were ruthless and never found any time to accomplish anything, especially on the weekends having to work 12 hours both on Friday & Saturday, accumulating 24 work hours in just weekends alone. The entire 12 hours and weekday work hours, I never took Tension Pulse off of my mind. It was torture working at a job that doesn't compliment your interests. Although something did come out of it. The job title "host" was only as befitting as my interest in hosting tournaments and events. Seems like hosting is just what I was meant to do. Serving as a public representative under the IHOP logo, I figured that I could try my luck at becoming a Game Advisor at Gamestop. Reading this article about obtaining sponsorships has left me very hopeful.

For the longest time, I've always wondered what it would be like if I could get a sponsors for my tournament "Tension Pulse". I've looked at the sponsors for Season's Beatings and EVO; so I grew a little jealous. Even finalround has a few endorsements here and there.  One of the most occurring sponsors I would imagine in my daydreams was Gamestop. If nothing else, I figured getting a position at Gamestop would help me advance one more step further to pursue my desire as a Computer Support Specialist. The idea at first was to get my foot in the door by gaining a position at Gamestop. Once settled in, I could probably find a way to convince Gamestop as a Corporation (not the local manager) to help Tension Pulse. A bit ambitious, but I believe it's worth a try. With a bit of charm, I managed to convince the hiring manager to let me join the team. In response, this has convinced my girlfriend, YummiAmbi, to charm the hiring manager at JC Penny. Blissful, here I am, now working as a Public Representative & Game Advisor for Gamestop. It will be interesting to see what I can do with this position and where I can go from here.