Crew Round 2

ALTERNATE275 -  Ambitious Overseer of Crew Round 2
Greetings. As it goes without saying, I'm Alternate275. It is the Alias I use for everything. I'm also known as Korean Panda by some that know me thoroughly.

Since I was very young (2 years old), I've been playing video games. Once I was of age to comprehend how video games operate (age 3), I've been playing Art Of Fighting on the Neo-Geo. This was the first stepping stone that developed my interests today.

I'm not biased of any one fighting game over another. I enjoy any fighting game with little to no discrimination; the only exception to this rule is Super Smash Bros. Brawl. So whether it's Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, Guilty Gear, Marvel vs Capcom 2, King Of Fighters, Tekken, or Virtua Fighter, I'll play it with little to no qualms about my enjoyment. Don't get me wrong. That's not to say that I don't have my complaints about a mechanic or a character. But those concerns are on a different plane from the games themselves. 

Nowadays, I like to consider myself as a Fighting Game Analyst as well as a Tournament Coordinator. As an Analyst, I really enjoy helping others learn and I especially love discovering/learning things myself. I've dedicated a lot of my time and efforts to dissect and log any information found in many fighting games. I've a few written strategy guides written and uploaded on and a few forum based communities such as and the likes. I've even conjured my very own forum dedicated to my fighting game studies called Round 2 ( As a tournament Coordinator, I just like to have fun. I love tournaments and that *is* my idea of fun, whether it's hosting them or playing in them. I'm currently developing my tournament series I take pride in, Tension Pulse (which can be seen at

- Primaries -

SSFIV - Cammy, Sakura, Cody

KOF2K2um: Blue Mary, Hinako, Jhun

KOFXIII - Takuma, Ash, Kim

MK9 - Kung Lao, Scorpion

BBCS2 - Platinum, Tsubaki, Makoto

I KEI I  - Inconceivable Precursor of Crew Round 2

Hello. My name's Joshua Vaughn. I can be found on Xbox Live under the gamertags I Kei I and MaxMizuhara2. I Kei I also covers my alias on as well.

I've been a big fan of fighting games the majority of, if not all of, my gaming life. My first fighting game, as was the same for many others, was Street Fighter II, though, not having an arcade outlet, I had to settle for the SNES version. From there, I moved to other fighters as the years progressed, with varying results.

As fighting games in my eyes began to mature in the sense that they were becoming more complex, I too matured, leaving far behind the selfish, egotistical, arrogant brat I used to be (and that's putting it nicely), becoming driven to not only better myself, but to help others as I progressed, if at all possible. As such, I strive to learn, more than anything; my learning drive even outweighs my competitive drive, as odd as it may be. If I've one wish, it'd be to be able to go to a tournament, even if it's only to watch in person.

While I have a deep love for fighters, I have that same passion for RPGs and action/adventure games as well, specifically the Tales of series (♥ Abyss and Vesperia), the Castlevania and Devil May Cry games.

I once held the 1st place spot in the world in the Devil May Cry 4 Bloody Palace Leaderboards for awhile. Surprised at the amount of attention I was getting, I ended up writing a guide to it, with the aid of SRK's Septimus Prime, hoping to help anyone that might need assistance. Said guide can still be found on GameFAQs, where my screenname is Mikadok.

I've also tried to contribute to the fighting game community by writing guides and, with the help of others in varying degrees, making tutorial and/or combo videos. I hope that what I can do helps others, even if only a little.

I've guides and videos up to some of the aforementioned characters. You can find the guides on GameFAQs like the DMC4 Bloody Palace guide, and any combo/tutorial/match videos can be found at Here's hoping that this gives you more insight on me. 

- Primaries -

NeoGeo Battle Coliseum: Yuki, Athena, Akari, Hotaru

KOF2K2UM: May Lee, Yuri, Nameless

Tekken 6: Asuka

BBCT: Noel, Litchi

BBCS: Makoto, Tsubaki

SSFIV: Ibuki, Cody

UMK3: Human Smoke, Ermac, Jax

Arcana Heart: Saki, Kamui, Lieselotte

Virtua Fighter 5: Eileen, Jacky

Puzzle Fighter: Hsien-Ko, Felicia

ROGUEYOSHI - Mysterious Newcomer of Crew Round 2

What's really good? The name's Al. I generally use a lot of nicks online nowadays but my most established presence is under the pseudonym 'rogueyoshi' and possibly even 'Chibi Death' on XBL, although that's my roommate's Gamertag, lol.

I believe my first experience with fighters was SF2WW on SNES. My 2 brothers and I played it a good bit. I played a lot of fighters over the years, it wasn't until KOFXI that I put in real time getting good enough at one to compete (though even before that I was getting decent at 2K2 but that was mainly just for fun due to lack of competition).

Nowadays, I'm not so much of a competitive player. Not because I'm incapable, but my philosophy on competition is that it's largely a just closed loop (getting better at the game for the sake of getting better at the game). Doesn't mean I won't go win some fight money if the probabilities are good, but I'm don't really pride myself on being better than somebody else at a game, since with enough time, I believe mostly anybody can be godlike.

- Primaries -

A2: Sakura, Ken

CVS2: A-Hibiki/Sakura/R2-Akuma

Breakers Revenge: Saizo

DFO: Weapon Master

GGAC: Slayer, Testament

FHD: Zazie, Ray

KOF98: Chizuru/O.Chris/Iori

KOF2K: K'/Lin/Benimaru/Another-Iori, Bao/Chang/King/Seth

KOF2K2: Whip/Billy/Kim

KOF2K2UM: Hinako/Kasumi/K'

KOFXI: Duck/Oswald/L-Duolon, Kula/Oswald/L-Gato

NGBC: Kim/Hotaru, Mizuchi/Athena, Marco/Kim

Ougon: Beatrice/Lucifer

SSFIV: Seth, Zangief, Ryu, Fuerte, Boxer

TVCUAS: Ken/Tekkaman, Zero/Ryu

DOGYSAMICH - The Designated Hype Man!!!

Sup Folk. I'm Dogysamich. Throwing troll. Commentator. HYPE MAN.

Good at everything, great at nothing. I've been playing video games for as long as I can remember. Although I'm known only for my fighting game outings, I actually started in strategy games (Worms Armageddon) and FPS (Team Fortress Classic).

Now, I'm known for trollin' throw setups. Currently my main game is Super Smash Bros. Melee, but that's in limbo. Comin' close behind that is Super Street Fighter 4 and Melty Blood Actress Again. Beyond that, I just clump all other games as "backburner status", for whatever reason.

I'm a real simple guy; I just like beating people. All my life, I've just wanted to be "that guy that wins." Never really cared for commentary, don't really care to be "the hype man" too much, I just like beating people. No smoke, no mirrors. That's not how things are panning out, as I literally have the title of "GA's Hype Man", and currently working on a commentary deal with a few groups such as VideoGameBootCamp.

But at the end of the day, I just like competition. I'm open to try anything once. Whether I like it is another story (horribrawl), but I'll give anything a shot. 2D, 3D, FPS, 3rdPS, Puzzle, whatever. If I can go head-to-head vs somebody, I'll give it an honest try before I say it's wack as trash.

Beyond that, a lot of people look up to me as a "Fighting Game Guru" or sorts. I mean, dunno why. Guess it's because I have a teaching degree (BoA - Music Education), and I'm pretty good at teaching. That's probably the only thing I'll ever say I'm good at. I'm also told I'm the "voice of Melee", mainly because I play it but also go to tourneys for other games. But -shrug- again, all mystery aside, I just like playing people.

- Primaries -

SSBM: Doctor Mario
SSF4: Sakura
MBAA: F/H - Kohaku


A2: Sakura
A3: Sakura
CvS2: C-Sakura, Guile, Sagat-2
Puzzle Fighter HDR - Sakura
MvC2: !! NOT SAKURA !! Jill/Cable/Tron

SC4: Talim, Cassandra